Family preservation and empowerment

The reality of droughts, poverty, disease, and catastrophes all take a toll on Ghanaian families, often leaving them without access to food and basic needs. This instability jeopardizes their ability to stay together.

Family changes everything

The Family Preservation and Empowerment program is designed to support families and children by stabilizing heads of families and caregivers and empowering them to reach self-sufficiency.

We provide families with essential nutrition, medical aid, access to education, psycho-social support, and housing needs.

What is unique about our program

While many sponsorship programs pool funds to support individual children through the age of 18, Bethany focuses on tailoring effective solutions to meet the whole family unit’s unique needs. This involves equipping parents and youth with the resources, life skills, and vocational training needed to transition from poverty to self-sufficiency. In addition, a dedicated caseworker walks alongside the family throughout the entire program to support their progress.