Foster Care in Ghana, Bethany Ghana Saving the Day

Charles Wundengba

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Children will always need a safe space where they can be nurtured to grow, when their biological parents for some reasons are unable to provide this care. Foster care provides alternative care for children, to grow in family like settings. It is widely recognised as the most suitable alternative care for various children who for one reason or the other are unable to live with their families of origin. In Ghana, protection of children has been documented in child rights legislations. Though, there is no official data indicating the number of foster children in Ghana. However, unpublished reports from the foster care services unit of the Department of Social Welfare indicate that as at May 2020 the number of children placed in foster care is 115 with 213 certified foster carers. Another set of 260 foster parents were yet to be certified. At Bethany Ghana, our mission is to stand up for vulnerable children, refugees, and families around the world, because family holds an incredible power to connect us, lift us up, and transform lives. The Ghanaian culture places so much importance on family and preservation of family ties and we believe every child deserves to be safe, loved, and connected through family. A major goal of foster care is family reunification. Every child in need of care and protection can be put into foster care regardless of disabilities. Children will always need an option when their biological families lack the capacity to cater for their needs and at Bethany Ghana, we connect children to families with high moral integrity. A person can foster a child if he/ she is at least 18 years and a relative of the child, or at least 21years when he/she is not related to the child. Kindness is the universal language that is comprehended beyond the boundaries. Everyone understands and speaks this language. Our little ones need all the love they deserve. No one should be left behind, everyone deserves to be loved. Children thrive in loving homes, families thrive in supportive communities, and communities thrive when strong families are their foundation. Through education, advocacy, empowerment, and direct care, Bethany is serving and empowering vulnerable children and families around the world. For more information, visit