#SocialWorkersMonth : Bethany Ghana Social workers share their experiences.

#SocialWorkersMonth : Bethany Ghana Social workers share their experiences.   Banner Image

Today as the world celebrates social workers across the globe for their selfless contribution to making the world a better place. We are using this golden opportunity to also honor our workers who through their hard work and dedication towards the well-being of children and families in Ghana have seen a lot of families impacted. Our program heads today shared their journey as social workers with us and also shared with us their motivation.

RITA BOADI: Adoption,Program Manager

I started a course not knowing what it was all about until I began practicing, that was when I developed a passion for my profession. My interest grows stronger and stronger when I see my little efforts have positive impacts on the community. Being able to witness the transformation children go through when they are placed in safe families, there is no doubt that every child truly deserves to grow up in a family. When families can stand on their own and not being dependent. I believe Social Work chose me and not the other way round because it knew I had a part to play to bring positive change. It has taught me to respect people’s views and not be judgmental. Working with people has made me realize that understanding the behavior of others is a very important tool for acceptance. I feel honored when people feel safe and trust me enough to share their stories with me with the hope that a positive result will come out from our encounter. At the end of the day, the smile on people’s faces once an objective has been achieved confirms the journey was worth it. > My experience as a social worker has really made me understand the phrase “second chance”, that at a point in everyone’s life there is the need for a second chance to realize past mistakes and make amends.

Isaac Yeboah Agyei Program Manager,Foster Care

In my journey as a social worker, I have had the opportunity to witness children living in both orphanages and families. One thing that stands out for me is the joy I see in both parents and children whenever I help keep a child in a family. When I talk about fostering to Ghanaian parents most of them see it as challenging and difficult. So, it takes a lot of effort and commitment to recruit and prepare foster families for children in need of care and protection. Notwithstanding, I go all out to prepare families because the transformation in the growth and development of children when they are in families is phenomenal and I am glad I decided from the beginning of my career to keep children in families as much as I can.

Bridget Owusu Mahony Program Manager, Family Preservation and Empowerment

Deciding to become a Social Worker was instigated from both background and previous experiences. My life started in a very deprived background coupled with abuse. This made me decide to work to defend women and children who are facing similar situations as mine. My intention was to advocate for the prosecution of perpetrators of abuse and subject them to perpetual punishment. However, my intentions changed when I became a Social Worker. I have learnt to be compassionate with people, even when they are wrong. I have learnt to ask for the ‘why’ behind a person’s behavior to understand better to help. My experience particularly in the FPE program serves as a mirror showing my past and a Social Worker, trying to help me and my family. I relive my past anytime I am with my families and with empathetic understanding of their situation, I work to make their lives better as I would to help young Bridget. This is my drive and passion!